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Reliance JIO festival offer: JioFi available at 999

Reliance JIO on Wednesday made an announcement offering the company’s Wi-Fi dongle at a 50 percent discount under the new festive offer. The JioFi Festive Celebration Offer is valid from September 20-September 30. Under this offer, the JioFi device is available at a price of Rs 999 instead of the original price of Rs 1,999.


The offer is valid on both online and offline stores, with the new price already reflecting on the site,  FlipkartAmazon etc. The new JioFi M2S price is valid for a limited period only, from September 20 to September 30.

Called the JioFi Festive Celebration Offer, it is only valid on the JioFi M2S model, which sports a 2300mAh battery. A Jio SIM card will be bundled and needs to be activated with an Aadhaar card at the time of delivery.

JioFi is India’s highest selling WiFi pocket router having captured 91% market share in the dongle and data card segment.

Reliance Jio has been aggressively pushing the sales of its JioFi 4G hotspot, with some pretty amazing offers. This offer from Jio will give millions of 2G and 3G users the opportunity to use the 4G speed and experience a digital life

Reliance JioPhone launched in India for zero!

Ambani, who had taken the telecom sector by surprise with free voice calls and data last year, announced the next leap at the company’s 40th shareholder meeting.

Reliance Industries Chairman Mukeah Ambani today introduced, “India ka Smartphone- JioPhone” at the 40th Annual General Meeting of the RIL at the Birla Matushri Sabhagar in Mumbai – pre booking to start on August 24. A festival type atmosphere was seen and every point Ambani made was greeted by the crowd with thunderous applause, shouts and whistles.

JioPhone will make the 2G feature phone obsolete,” Ambani claimed, adding that the company is looking to bring 5 million phones to the market a week.

The company will provide free voice calls, unlimited data and Jio apps for Rs 153 per month with Jio Dhan Dhana Dhan plans to JioPhone customers. The device will also come with TV-Cable that will allows users to connect their JioPhone with TV ( not only Smart TVs but also CRT TVs) to watch live TV. The company has priced the TV pack for Rs 309 per month. Further, there two sachets, one with Rs 24 for two days and Rs 54 plan for a week. Users will enjoy the same benefits as the monthly recharge of Rs 153.

The JioPhone comes with a voice assistant, which makes it easier to interact with the feature phone. Through the voice assistant, one can make calls, browse the internet and listen to music and more. It also supports the Hindi language for giving the voice command. The device also comes with a host of JIo apps including Jio Music and more.

The device comes with an alphanumeric keypad, microphone speaker, 4-way navigation and a compact design. The device sports a 2.4-inch QVGA display and it comes with SD card slot as well. Then there is an FM radio, Torchlight, ringtones, phone contact, call history and more.

Out of the 78 crore phones in India, Ambani said, 50 crore are feature phones that cannot be used for Internet or data usage. The new phone would give “affordable” device to these 50 crore users and “end the digital exclusion in India”.

Here are a few highlights

* In less than 170 days, Jio hit 100 million, 7 customer per second.

* After the initial launch of Jio data consumption increased to 120 crores GB every month.

* India has overtaken the US and China in terms of mobile data usage

* Jio adoption even faster than WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook

* Jio has more than 100 million paying Jio Prime customers. Most have recharged on Jio’s Rs 309 or higher plans: Mukesh Ambani.

* Jio to expand physical network to 10,000 to sell jio services

* It took 25 years for our competitors to build 2G network. Jio will have created a larger 4G network in just 3 years: Mukesh Ambani

How do we buy this phone? 

Even though the phone costs rupees zero,in order to avoid any potential misuse, the company will collect a 100% refundable security deposit of Rs 1500 which will be refundable after 3 years.Pre-booking will start on 24th August, can be given at any jio retailer.

4G LTE phone, RJio habdset will be Made in IndiaRJio phone will have 22 languages. Reliance Jio phone will allow the users to make free calls.Mukesh Ambani said the phone will also provide unlimited data access to all the users. Jio plans to cover 99% of India’s population in the coming years and will integrate with major e-commerce platforms. By September they will be available to everyone.

“Reliance democratised the equity culture in the past. Now, Jio will democratise the digital culture in India,”. “Digital Life will no longer be the privilege of the affluent few.”


JIO extends Prime Membership deadline to April 15


Reliance Jio on Friday extended Jio Prime service till April 15 enthused by the response the premium service received in the past few weeks. The company said the service has been extended due to the overwhelming response from the customers.

Over 72 million Jio customers have signed up for Jio Prime membership, the company said in a statement.
“Customers who could not enrol for Jio Prime by March 31 for whatever reason can still do so by paying Rs 99 along with their first purchase of Jio’s Rs 303 and other plans till April 15,” the company said in a statement. This means all existing and first-time Jio users can still avail Prime and the host of benefits that the scheme brings along with it until April 15 provided they make their first-time recharge of Rs 303 or lower depending on the tariff they wish to chose. Prime was supposed to technically end on March 31 previously.
“This extension will provide the necessary breathing room for users to avoid service disruption during the transition from free to paid services,” the company said.
Jio has also announced a Jio Summer Surprise exclusively for its Prime customers. Prime customers who make the first recharge before April 15 using its Rs 303 plan (or higher) will get complimentary services for first three months. Regular tariff plans will be applicable from July, once the complimentary service ends.
“This complimentary period will also help to familiarise Jio customers with Jio’s fully digital, self-service process of using the MyJio app to perform recharges and to set up digital payment methods for further purchases,” Ambani said.
Subscribers, both old and new, can avail the offer through Rs 99 recharge pack. There a number of ways in which this can be done. “Recharge with Rs 99 Jio Prime membership before 31 March 2017 from MyJio, JioMoney, or nearest retailer,” notes the company.

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Comparison between telecom companies tarrif plan

Indian Telecom Sector is under constant tarrif price war. In order to challenge each other almost every big contender company is offering 4G data at almost same cost. Every company wants it’s user to stay and use their own network instead of porting out to another network. Various companies are offering 1 GB data and unlimited calling but with a few TnC(Terms and Conditions). So today we’ll be comparing various plans of Jio, Vodafone, Idea and Airtel, since they’re offering 1 Gb data + unlimited calling.


Tarrif Plan

  • Jio – INR 303
  • Airtel – INR 345-349 (depending on your circle)
  • Vodafone – INR 345-352 (depending on your circle)
  • Idea – INR 348

TnC of tarrif plan

  • Jio – Recharge of INR 99 before 31st March to obtain Jio Prime Membership
  • Airtel – Plan available for selected users
  • Vodafone – Plan has to be activated before 31st March
  • Idea – Plan available for selected users

Data (per day)

  • Jio – 1 Gb high speed 4G data with unlimited internet
  • Airtel – 1 Gb data
  • Vodafone – 1 Gb data
  • Idea – 1 Gb data

TnC of data

  • Jio – After 1 Gb data, speed will be reduced to 128kbps
  • Airtel – 500 Mb day data + 500 Mb night data(2-5 AM)
  • Vodaone – 1 Gb data, after limit INR 4000 per Gb of data
  • Idea – 1 Gb data per day


Every operator offers validity of 28 days.


  • Jio – Truly unlimited calling
  • Airtel – 1200 min/week and 300 per day after that charges – 30p/min
  • Vodafone – 1200 min/week and 300 per day after that charges – 30p/min
  • Idea – 1200 min/week and 300 per day after that charges – 30p/min


  • Jio – Completely free
  • Airtel – Incoming free, outgoing paid
  • Vodafone – Incoming free, outgoing paid
  • Idea –  Incoming free, outgoing paid


  • Jio – 100 free messages daily
  • Airtel – No free messages included in plan
  • Vodafone – No free messages included in plan
  • Idea – No free messages included in plan


Jio looks more promising when it comes to data and calling but if you need a more reliable network go for others.

A customer centric approach – JIO!

From the time of JIO’s launch, a company has worked very hard to ensure good services for customers and hence made a record of gaining 52 million new users in only 83 days. JIO has caused a stir since it’s a launch and has tried their best to ensure that customer gets most benefitted from their every move whether it’s free calling or cheap data plans, JIO has done it all.

Cheap Data Plans
 JIO have been offering data at a really low price, unmatched by any other telecom operator. However, other operators are giving tempting offers to customers to stop them from porting to JIO. The company has created a ripple effect and all those wanting to survive it have to give offers or drown.

Free Unlimited Calling
JIO being the first one to offer Unlimited free calling to it’s customers. According to them, a customer should pay for data or call, not both.

Great Offers
 JIO has been offering great offer since it’s launch, first Welcome Offer, and now New Year Offer has made JIO most customer-centric operator who cares for the customer, unlike others who just cares for their profits.

Welcome Offer
During Welcome Offer, customers are getting 4 GB of data per day and hence resulting in public streaming of 1 TB data on daily basis.

JIO have been a true customer friendly company, who works for customers rather than just profit.

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Things – before and after JIO’s launch!

It haven’t been a long time since Reliance JIO’s launch but it have bought a majority of changes in telecom sector. Before JIO’s arrival major companies were looting their customers but since the entry of JIO others have been experiencing a major decrement in their net profit, they’re even offering cheaper data, unlimited minutes to tackle the JIO effect but all in vain, since Indian customers know better.

Reliance JIO holds record of adding more than 50 million customers in just 83 days.

Things before JIO

  • Really expensive data packs – Normal users have to think twice before downloading on 3G/4G network due to excessive high cost.
  • No good offers – No major telecom operator gave good offers, they were all focused on their own profits rather than benefit of customer.
  • Missed calls – If you have lived long enough with major telecoms, you must have stumped upon various situations when people told to give them a missed call after doing their work or so.
  • Voice Calls – Voice calls always forms the major part of bill payment for most of the users.
  • Roaming Charges – Whenever a user leaves their home circle, they have incurs heavy roaming charges, for calling as well as data.
  • Passive Network – Most of network offers almost same services and nothing new being offered in market.

Things after JIO

  • Cheap data – Data charges have reduced dramatically, since the launch of JIO. Even other major players have started providing affordable data packs, while JIO is offering it’s customers data packs as low as 50 per GB.
  • Better offers – Since the launch, telecom providers are offering best offers ever to prevent customers from porting to JIO.
  • No missed calls – Since JIO is proving free voice calls, trend of missed call have been changing.
  • Free voice calling – JIO has started the trend of offering free unlimited voice calling and others are following their footsteps too.
  • No roaming charges – Most of the operators have removed roaming charges completely.
Since the arrival JIO, Customers are again the king with most to gain, while opertors who have been looting us since a long time are at loss. In the end, what matters most is the normal public is having a lot to gain in this war between telecom operators.

What is JIOMoney? How it can help in demonetization?

Mukesh Ambani owned Reliance Jio Infocomm offers JIO Money app among it’s other offerings. The app aims to make it easier to handle 
1. Recharge mobile, postpaind, landline
2. Pay electricity bill, bescom, other utility bill payments.
3. Load money and pay to the merchants which partnered with Jio Money like Bookmyshow, Dominoze etc.
4. Transfer money from one Jio Money wallet to another
5. Transfer money from Jio Wallet to Bank.
How Can you Start Using It –
1. You need a smartphone with mobile number of any service provider
2. Download Jio Money App, Register with your mobile number.
3. Start with the services
4. You can submit KYC to increase your limit from 10k to 1lac per month

Benefits of using JIO Money app

Using the app at offline stores even provides customers with various benefits such as :
  • The first real 10% Cashback on shopping with JioMoney on Reliance Fresh & Reliance Smart stores across India. No capping on the cashback earned. 
  • Customers who essentially use cash for shopping can also avail the cash back by utilizing the cash loading points inside each store to pay via JioMoney & earn the cashback of 10% on the total invoice. 
Offline Stores offering Discount for using JIOMoney

It’s like a boon for people since now-a-days it’s quite hard to find change of Rs 2000 note and hence to support government in initiative to curb black money  and reduce hardship at the same time and best part being that cashback is credited in 2 working days makes it more appealing.

 App even allows customers to transfer unused loaded money in JIO Money account directly to their bank account. However loaded money can be used at more than 50000 online merchants and 70+ billers, hence it helps in demonetization i.e. in times of need.

JIO Money – A Universe Beyond Cash 

Jio voice – Free for lifetime

Reliance Jio was always expected to revolutionize the current Indian mobile space, and it has just done that pretty effectively by offering Free voice calls for the lifetime.

Free voice calls for subscribers offered by Reliance Jio, the new telecom owned by Mukesh Ambani, do not violate guidelines, regulator Trai has said in a big win for the network. Telecom regulator Trai has held that tariff plans of the new player are compliant with existing rules and not discriminatory.
“…it is found that the tariff plans filed with Trai cannot be considered as IUC non-complaint, predatory and discriminatory, at present,” the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India said in a letter to telecom operators.
Although , TRAI has called all of Jio’s current offers “Promotional” including voice and asked them to limit it to a period of 90 days , Jio has reassured that existing customers will still get Welcome Offer until 31st December but anyone activating a Jio SIM after 3rd December will not be able to avail of the Welcome Offer.
Various Media houses have written many articles saying Welcome Offer will end on 3rd December but it is not true and they did not confirm with Jio before publishing said articles.
Jio gives you unlimited text messaging and voice calls, no roaming charges, no blackout days and data at reasonable rates and even provides 25% more data for students on all plans , what more can we ask for.
Jio even provides 1 year free data on all iPhone purchase from 5SE to 7+.
Recently, JIO beats China Mobile to be No. 1 in data in the whole world. Reliance Jio is likely to be the world’s No. 1 data services provider by some distance, according to calculations done by analysts at Credit Suisse.

According to information given by Jio at the occasion of the quarterly earnings of its parent Reliance Industries, an average customer of the company is using roughly 1 GB of data per day.
Against the normal 15% utilization for 4G networks in India, Credit Suisse estimates the utilization of Jio’s 4g network at 75%. It is not clear whether this number is a 24-hour average or peak utilization.
The analysts also pointed out that Jio has quietly increased the capital outlay for the telecom venture from 1.5 lakh cr to 2.5 lakh cr.

Rivals have been forced by Jio’s pricing to drop their own rates. Mr. Ambani has set a target of 100 million customers for Reliance Jio “in the shortest possible time.”

Daily Data limit major cause of slow JIO 4G Speed in India

Reliance Jio entered the market with the aim of democratizing Internet access in India by offering a 4G-only network that caters to the masses courtesy low-cost plans.

Reliance Jio clearly felt injustice , when TRAI said JIO is the slowest 4G network in India. The company has strongly shared its point of view in its official statement.
“Historically, we have observed that a disproportionate number of speed tests are performed once the FUP comes into effect. This is so since most users don’t consider performing the test until they observe a deterioration of speed. Such users also tend to perform multiple tests until full speeds are restored.
Given that data usage under Jio Welcome Offer is completely free, a higher proportion of Jio users run up against the FUP limit. In comparison, not all non-Jio users have FUP based plans (rather their usage is completely stopped, and they are entirely prevented from performing the speed test), and even those who have FUP based plans face this situation only once a month. Further, such customers tend to recharge quickly and restore full speeds.
This difference in the offer structures and associated customer behaviors result in a large proportion of the speed tests being conducted on Jio network when the speeds are reduced via FUP to 256kbps. This has the effect of dragging the average far below the speeds experienced by Jio customers who are enjoying full 4G LTE speeds.
Having said that, we continuously measure the speeds experienced by Jio customers – adjusting for factors such as FUP, and are proactively working to improve service levels for all our customers.”
The comparison made between JIO and other operators can’t be justified since most of Non-Jio users don’t use FUP based plans (even if they do it’s on monthly basis and they quickly recharge once FUP is reached).
In fact, JIO official statement was quite convincing and since most of the users hit their FUP multiple times a week, owing to their great internet speed.

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iPhone Launch Offers: Jio vs Airtel Offer!


The Apple iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus were launched in India a day before yesterday. A month after its global launch, Apple had made iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus available in India via authorised resellers. Apple fanboys lined in front of Apple’s retail stores in India to get their hands on the latest iPhones. While some got lucky, a few couldn’t get their hands on the device, due to the shortage of units. Phone 7 series handsets were sold out within minutes of its launch as people queued authorised stores long before for the launch time for their share of the Apple tech.
iPhones were also being sold online via big e-commerce sites who had tie-ups with Apple. This launch also caused the market to be flooded with some great incentives. Cashback offers and other such deals were given to make the buying of iphone seem more lucrative!
Apple iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus now comes in three storage variants – 32GB, 128GB, 256GB and five colour variants. Apple iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus will be available in silver, gold and rose gold like year, but there is also two new colours – black and jet black – being introduced for the first time.
Apple iPhone 7 starts at Rs 60,000 while the larger iPhone 7 Plus starts at 72,000 like last year. Apple is offering the Black and Jet Black colour finishes only on the 128GB and 256GB storage models.
Networks like Airtel and Jio too came up with their own offers for the iPhone, while they were both launched along with the iPhone, on closer study we found that the offers were fundamentally different and the perks provided were also diverse.

Free access to Reliance Jio’s services
On purchasing the Apple iPhone 7 or the iPhone 7 Plus, Reliance Jio users will get access to the offers under its Rs. 1,499 plan which includes unlimited local, STD, and national roaming calls, unlimited 4G data at night, 20GB of 4G data, unlimited SMS, and a free subscription to Jio’s suite of premium apps.
Additionally, users will also get free 40GB of Wi-Fi data at Jio hotspots. Reliance says that all these offers put together will translate to an amount of Rs. 18,000 for a year.
The offer is not exclusive to the Apple iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. In fact, those who purchase the Apple iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, and iPhone SE can also avail the above-mentioned offer.
In a statement, Reliance Jio says, “This offer will be available for new iPhone purchases across all Reliance Digital stores and select Apple Premium Resellers (APR) and Apple Authorized Resellers (AAR).”
Apple iPhones are already eligible for Reliance Jio’s ‘Free Welcome Offer’ which gives free data and voice calls till December 31, 2016. After that period, Reliance Jio says iPhone users will be migrated to a 12 month complementary service under company’s Rs 1,499 plan. The plan offers unlimited free local and STD voice calls. The pack gives 20GB 4G data and unlimited data at night.
Today’s announcement brings together India’s best premium 4G network with the incredible iPhone experience,” said Mathew Oommen, President of Jio. “Jio is India’s 4G-only network, providing high-speed internet across India. The true power of iPhones can now be experienced by all Indian iPhone users on the Jio network”.
Jio Enterprise Offer

This is another exclusive offer for professionals, if your company signs up with Jio, you get an additional 25% off on the apple handsets! This news should come as a breather for iPhone fans who wish to buy the phone but are hesitant due to the price. More details on this offer soon.
The Jio-iPhone offer is a result of the collaboration of iPhone and Jio to empower people with data, especially people who are iPhone fanatics and have already spend a bomb on the phone. The iPhone already looks lucrative with these great offers !!
Airtel Offer
Airtel has come up with it’s own offer that claims a lot of things but fails to deliver on every level. You can only buy the iPhone from any Airtel store which had to be of the newly launched 7 series only. With Airtel, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus users can avail 10GB free 4G/3G data per month for one year with any Airtel Infinity Postpaid plan. Airtel says the free data benefit will be over and above the plan benefits.
Airtel lets you pay a fraction of the cost as down payment and then you have to get on any of their plans which are 2000/month for 5GB ; 2500/ 10GB and 3000/15GB.
Once you pick a plan whose validity is of 12 months, you have an option of either continuing with the same handset or exchaging it for a newer handset. If you chose to go with the same handset, you have to make a large balloon payment which is more than the MRP of the phone.
Airtel Infinity Offer: Hidden terms and Conditions
Upon going through the terms and condition, you’ll find that the Airtel has definitely attempted to make the offer better than it actually is. While you are on contract with Bajaj Finance Ltd. via Airtel, you have to pay exorbitant rates for data, where you’d rather pay EMI for phone and get a free Jio SIM. Once you opt to go for a newer iPhone model, the buyback amount too is not clear and you’ve wasted 24-36k on data alone!
The only perk is that you get free unlimited voice calling which is hilarious because as you remember, Airtel termed Jio’s free voice calling offer as “predatory pricing” and complained to TRAI. Airtel clearly needs to do a better job with marketing and branding of its services. Calling offers “unlimited” or “infinite” does not necessarily make it so.
Airtel vs Jio: Which should you opt for?

Reliance Jio is offering 25% discount on new iPhone 7 & iPhone 7 Plus. So, you would be paying Rs 45,000 instead of the retail pricing of Rs 60,000. While calculating the final cost of going with Airtel’s iPhone 7 would cost you Rs 79,978. So, now you decide if you want to go with the costlier option of Airtel or get discounted iPhone 7 from Reliance Jio and get complimentary 15 months Jio Digital services for free. Your choice , choose wisely!