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Glasses free 3D technology by MIT

Movies are the other names for entertainment as well as luxury nowadays and 3D effect adds a special spark to the movie by creating jaw-dropping expressions of the viewers. But the agents behind this pleasure are the goofy glasses which are responsible for this special effect. With the innovations, shortcuts have paved the way for more easier ways to everything.Shortcuts have also managed to get their nose amidst the field of 3D effects.

How is 3D effect free of glasses?

In the new paper provided by a team of MIT’s Computer Science Department and Artificial Intelligence Lab(CSAIL) and Israel’s Weizmann Institute of Science, it has been shown that the audiences can enjoy a 3D movie without wearing those 3D glasses.Although the product is not in the market right now and is undergoing testing and verification, the producers have provided the market with the assurance that these desired products will be soon launched and available for buying. According to reports, there will be no inclusion of special materials and the product idea includes the conversion of 3D movies from their stereo format to a certain format which is feasible for the auto-multiscopic displays which can be opted as a viewer’s choice.

These auto-multiscopic displays are not very famous with regards to television but the team of CSAIL has recommended this new project Home3D which is basically an algorithm which can run in a real time GPU such as Xbox One, Play-station 4 or the others. Thus the viewers can sit back in their own house and enjoy the effect of a 3D movie in a movie theater.

Featured of Home3D:

The special property of Home3D is that it facilitates the adjustment of depth effect according to the comfort zone of the viewers. The system combines the properties of phase based rendering and depth image based rendering techniques in such a method which does not really compromises with the resolution taking proper care of the image qualities and the 3D effects, the most relevant point is that the left eye and the right eye images are completely different from each other.

Home3D is also showing consistent properties about running chips embedded in TVs, Blu-Ray Players and even something which is similar to the Google Chromecast. This makes it easier for both the integrated solutions and also the aftermarket devices. This technology is gradually gaining rates to support its existence and the technology experts are trying to make changes followed by further modifications to support a 4K resolution.

Although there are reports specifying the fact that the demands for 2D resolution have been diminishing day by day which indicates the subsequent demand for higher resolutions. This gradually paves the way for innovations and development of higher levels of technology.


Transforming from the world of geeky nerds with 3D glasses, sitting in a movie theater to a world where one can enjoy the beauty of a 3D movie in his or her own accommodation is a huge step. The obvious demerits will be there which will lead to the drop in profit of the movie theater business. Thus before launching the product, the manufacturers should perform an analysis and decide accordingly.

Transformation of the era through intelligent Apps

Once an upon a time, machines solving problems and possessing human-like thought process was just an illusion mentioned in the scientific fictions. Now the line between imagination and reality has started to dissolve each and every day, giving rise to technologically improved systems. Artificial Intelligence has acted as the game changer for the modern age and has marked the origin of a new era. In this era, day by day scientists is putting forward their efforts to develop automated IT systems which will be able to solve real life problems without any assistance provided by humans.

Intelligent Applications:

Throughout all these years, smartphones have become our regular companions and the various applications installed have shaped the generation since a long time. Necessities such as ordering food, booking a cab, buying clothes and other household items have been confined to the human touch or hardly a mouse click. An all rounder companion like Google as well as some other modified products have been a gift to our generation. Some of the successful applications of Artificial intelligence are described as follows:


The voice automated personal assistant of Apple has been providing an awesome experience to the users, helping them with navigation, searching music and other necessary things like internet access, searching documents or pictures through galleries.


The agent of Amazon, Alexa has created a revolution in the commerce industry with its jaw-dropping ability to reveal effective results through the search engines bringing thousands of positive feedback.


It is known to be the most popular and effective car and also the blue-eyed boy of every car-lover. This self-driven car has amazing properties like fast navigation, self-control, and other technologically modified up-gradations.


Risks with Application Support:


Certain tech applications have already revealed their talent and they have worked better in comparison to any human agents.For example, messenger bots are efficient of their own who are able to purchase flowers or order tickets online and their efficiency and productivity rate is much higher if compared to any human representative. This risks the job-security of thousands of people involved in such businesses due to the extra working ability of such applications. This will generate an era which will witness technologically modified systems besides having a large number of unemployed human professionals.

According to the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence(AAAI), manufacture of such machines and robots have already begun which possess the ability of self-defense as well the thought process to choose their arms when attacked. Along with that, the systems have been able to achieve ‘Cockroach intelligence’ with the elimination of certain unavoidable viruses.

Emergence of a new set of Skills:

Keeping in mind that the evolution of much-developed systems is already happening and will happen in future also, a challenge is automatically created for the human race who seem to have more percentage of inactivity and leisure time. With the emergence of modified systems, it is expected to have such an era where there will be an effort shown by human beings to overcome the effects of Machines, pushing forward their own intellect which will increase the working capacity of their brain.

Modern ages have been marked with emerging trends of dependency on machines and this has its own advantages and disadvantages. Future awaits its own decision about the existence of human race.

Andromeda OS Powering a laptop launched by Google

What is Andromeda?

Google is quite similar to the snake game which was available in the initial models of Nokia series, in which the snake grabs several points to extend its length. Presenting the generation with lots of technical surprises, Google has been the dependency of every age group around the world. Recently, Google has been planning to launch a new Operating System called Andromeda which is supposedly the blend of Chrome and Android. This new experimental OS will be appearing in the Pixel 3 Laptop which is scheduled to be launched in 2017.

According to recent reports, Google is doing some serious work with the hardware development and has plans to make two new Android smartphones: a 4K Chromecast and a home WiFi router dubbed Google WiFi. Google had previously indicated its plans to merge Chrome and Android to provide its users a unified and profound OS experience and they have named the project as ‘Andromeda’. This brand new project was the probably the brainchild of Google CEO Sundar Pichai who has been revealing about his efforts to bring the features of Android into the base of Chrome since the beginning of his tenure. Google is testing the features of Andromeda into an ultra thin laptop which is internally known as Bison, soon to be renamed as Pixel 3 after all credentials have been checked and verified.

Resources have revealed that Bison is an extremely thin and convertible laptop which resembles a few of features with Lenovo’s Yoga series. The device has a 12.3- inch display and will be powered by Intel’s Core m series processor. With a probable storage of 32GB or 128GB, it may have variants of sizes 8GB or 16GB RAM. The Wall Street Journal has stated earlier about the upcoming code-project Andromeda, also stating that Engineers at the Mountain View and many CA based companies have tried a lot to develop their ideas into this wonderful project. The whole idea of Pixel 3 is to showcase the newly developed product Andromeda against their rivals like Windows PCs and Mac-OS machines.

Is Android dead forever?

Android Police mentioned that Google is busy pitching Andromeda as an exclusive experience which will add weight to their fame against their prominent rivals. Google has not yet announced any news about the launch of Chromebook Pixel which was supposed to appear to the world by 2016.So the main focus remains on selling Andromeda along with the launch of new Pixel phones by 2017.

Is Andromeda different from Google Fuchsia OS?

Rumors revealed about the development of another OS called Fuchsia which was believed to be alike Andromeda or even with the purpose of powering Internet of Things. Fuchsia is an evolving pile of Code which can be searched and well answered in Gift-hub. It represents the probable early features of a new operating system which is yet to be confirmed.

When will be Andromeda available?

Although Andromeda is going through a lot of tests and verification, the company has revealed the fact that the customer may expect Andromeda by the end of 2017.

With this new Operating system, Google is expected to create wonders and present us again with something which is completely an out-of the box idea. The innovation is going to be the talk of the town as always with thousands of amazing feedback.

The Market is ready for AR and VR

Since the advent of computers people have tried to evolve technology both for business as well as entertainment and in the recent decades we have finally succeeded. The next evolutions of technology are AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality). These have been recently developed as part of an effort to bring the imaginary and real worlds closer together. However, can it be said that these two technologies are economically viable? That’s what we want to find out.

What are AR and VR?

Both of these technologies use the user’s own senses to immerse them into their own reality. However, the key difference between the two is that while AR or Augmented Reality blends the elements of the virtual and real worlds together, VR (Virtual Reality) on the other hand completely isolates the user from the real world. AR allows the user to partially stay in the real world while interacting with the elements of their virtual world.

Marketing Prospects:


VR and AR should have extensive uses in game developing industries since one key criterion of a good video game is good graphics. The better the graphics, the more successful and popular it is. This is because gaming acts as an escape for its players and often video games use storylines with fantasy or other-world elements in them. VR and AR technologies could revolutionise the gaming industry. Already the widely popular Pokémon Go has been released and well-received by one and all.  This game draws on AR technology allowing users to interact with “Pokémon” on a real world street or building. VR gaming requires the use of a headset since it immerses the user in a fantastical world, manipulating their senses and cutting off all sensory relations to the physical world.  VR gaming is still on the drawing board but VR hardware created mainly by Google and Sony Playstation is already available in many countries.

Online shopping:

This one is a bit of a stretch I grant you that. But, the main disadvantage of online shopping is its inability to interact with its users in aspects such as measurement and smell and touch. AR and VR technologies could change that forever. Of course, that would put a lot of small companies out of business but that’s for another time, another article. VR here could come in handy as customers now could get a real-life shopping experience from the comfort of their couches.

Technological Hurdles:

These are both futuristic technologies and they have to adapt quite a bit to be usable in tandem with present technology.

Some technological hurdles for AR include:

Building proper technical platforms which support such advanced technology.

Proper AR hardware

Widely usable Mobile AR

Mobile AR is already developed enough to be used by certain apps. But proper hardware is still undergoing development.

Some technological hurdles for VR include:


User comfort

Proper hardware

Proper Setup

While VR hardware is available nowadays they are still inconvenient and almost always too heavy. Also, there have been some complaints of nausea and physical discomfort after using this hardware.

But all said and done, these futuristic technologies are still a work in progress. They have a long way to go before they can be perfected but we are getting closer every day. Platforms are being developed which allow usage of AR technology freely and a few apps have already been launched in recent years. VR was lagging behind a bit but now it is catching up slowly but surely. In another decade or two AR and VR will surely have carved out their niche in the market.





Google’s Android Wear watches

What are Google’s Android Wear watches?

Google has been the buddy for human beings since its origin. Recent years has been marked as the most successful years in which design of smart appliances has been acknowledged. Google’s Android Wear watches are the new version of smart watches which are multi-talented in its own nature. By pairing up with the mobile systems running under Android, Android Wear has created more useful devices and appliances which are technologically more advanced, also adding the extra benefit of downloading applications from Google store.

The supplementary utilities include Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and even 3G and LTE connectivity. After having an initial shaky background of customer reviews, the new version of the watches has really grabbed attention across the globe with their refined features. The attractions include easy handwriting recognition, fast as well as a compatible reply of messages and additionally Google Assistant right in it which avoids the necessity of the phone every time we need to access an application or the other.

Leveraging out of the partnerships with companies like Motorola, LG, Samsung, the first Google’s Android Wear watch was launched and LG G watch was the primary one to gain recognition in this newly developed arena which was followed by Motorola’s Moto 360.Within few months, with some up-gradations like a watch face API, a new version was launched based on Android 5.0.


The features are pretty simple to comprehend such as users can get notifications or instructions from their phones about the basic guide of these watches. There are primarily two types of screens: one which is always on feature and the other one which needs a tilt action to turn on the featuring mode.Such is the skillfulness of the device, it can be used well as a navigator while one is riding a bike. Watch gives necessary directions and while indicating the turns, it allows vibration which adds to the privilege of the system.

The user can also leverage out of the watch with the simple and important activities such as listening to music. With a simple command, the playlist will be featured on the screen, the volume can also be regulated with the help of the watch only by giving the right command on the play-control card.

This device is a gift for everyone, being easily accessible. People aiming to be athletes or the people with the mindset to maintain a healthy lifestyle have already considered using the product and have reviewed it as an excellent one. One can actually track his exercise or running throughout the day, including other features like counting of calorie. To indicate the heart performance, the user has to request and within a day, he or she can actually have a grip over their heart activity. Even for athletes, these devices can be programmed in such a way that their goal is specified and the watch keeps on updating the regular performances and the improvements on a daily basis.

Being a substitute of the phone:

These products can function as effective substitutes to smartphones.Notifications of the selected apps appear through the vibration mechanism, one can reply messages in Hangouts through voice message. If the phone camera is activated prior, then the user can enjoy the photos on the screen of the watch only. Apart from that it also initiates voice automated search engine. In a nutshell, the age where smartphones were the buddies of human beings are soon to get extinct as they are replaced by their adaptive competitors-Google’s Android wear watches.

Humanised Big Data

What is Big Data?

With the onset of Augmented reality and virtual marketing, Big Data has started to rule over the marketing domain. Small and attractive chatbots or the recommending agents on a sales media are pretty common nowadays. Once an upon a time, it used to amuse the customers with standard choices but nowadays a question arises about their intelligence and while answering this question, their limitations are exposed generally. In order to fight back this sudden crisis, the companies have decided to invest enough capital into systems like Natural language processing and Natural language question answering in order to modify and make their systems more intelligent and user-friendly.

Humanized Big Data:

In order to go through this transition, the help of artificial intelligence has been taken. The goal is to decipher the mindset of the customer, his possible likes and dislikes and guide him accordingly. The technology promises that these systems will be so improved that the customer will be unable to distinguish whether his conversation is taking place with a machine or a human bring in a virtual manner, justifying the term ‘Turing Test’.

The analytic experts have revealed that along with talented Computer Science Engineers and Econometricians, complex and versatile models are designed whose job role is to determine the human tendencies and about the target audience and consumers respectively. It is difficult to determine the exact characteristics of a human being. So the models predict some actions which turn out to be baseless and they are again re-programmed to perform more logical thinking. Thus, the primary target of the data scientists is to analyze and make a human behavior as the generalization.

As it is believed, that the humans as homo economics prevail in the business world with their personal set of ideas, rational beliefs with the help of which they judge and determine the need for a product as well as its drawbacks. So in-spite the differentiation of various brands, it will be a foolishness to exclude one’s own chance of consumer satisfaction. There are a few steps which can b adapted by the companies not only to enhance their sales but also to enhance their operations. They are described as follows:


1)Proactive Information Management:

Considering the facts that human opinion is extremely important for any organization to grow, but also it can be tampered or manipulated which creates a false or useless report. Thus it is wiser to employ a digital employee who can take care of the duty of an adviser as well as a personal assistant. They can also act as reminders to point out important appointments as well.

2)Insight Engines:

The term ‘Insight Engines’ has been coined by the famous marketing research agency Gartner. The term refers to the dawn of an intelligent search engine which can provide external as well as internal insights about a particular topic and also provide the knowledge in a simple language. These engines can be used in inter-organizational communication as well as inter-departmental communication and knowledge distribution.

The development of Big Data is under transition and the data scientists, as well as the engineers, are working hard to eliminate a large number of flaws and make a system of ultimate help with the provision of a human point of view. A moment of appreciation and gratitude may be dedicated towards those hard working people to acknowledge their tiresome efforts to execute this difficult job.

The Emerging Trend of Machine Learning

What is Machine Learning?

Machine Learning relies upon that kind of data analysis which gathers its knowledge from previous models, trends, and patterns respectively.There is a close relationship between Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.Artificial Intelligence paves the way towards providing machines with human like intelligence, while Machine Learning is responsible for the development of technologies and computation systems which enable a machine to learn in such a way to achieve Artificial Intelligence.So in a nutshell, Artificial Intelligence may be compared to a discipline and Machine Learning may be compared to the sole person in charge to infuse that discipline into its subjects.

Industries and organizations have put a step ahead in their development with the aid of Machine Learning.Some remarkable examples are as follows:

  • lTwitter saw success in the form of customer feedback in businesses.
  • lThe self-driven Google car is a news in itself.
  • lFraud detection systems have been proved extremely helpful.
  • lAmazon or Netflix have become the primary recommendations within e-commerce sited.

Emerging Trends:

Search engines, speech analyzers, image recognizer are the primary applications which support machine learning.A very famous prediction states that there will be a new brand of smart applications, digital engines and mainstream application of Artificial Intelligence in the upcoming timeline.Machine Learning will gradually enter the zone of drones and self-driving cars and soon it will become more domain-exclusive and specific on its own.There will be an expected modification in the way the existing algorithms worked.

According to the recent reports, some experimental projects are still in the embryonic state and they will continue to increase throughout the upcoming years.

1)People-Literate Technology:

This product can actually convert voice or even text messages into retain-able intelligence and this will dominate personal communication in a huge ratio by the year 2020.It is assumed that by 2020, more than 40% of the population will use this technology rapidly.

2)The Brain-Computer Interface:

This technology promises to design and implement a unique brain for the computer which will be able to take important decisions.This product is still under construction and seeks popularity in the upcoming days.


This technology connects human beings with their respective digital workplaces and business fields.These front runners have proved to be extremely vital in their application and their demand will soon witness a surge in near future.

Machine Learning and its contradictions:

The efficiency of Machine Learning has always been posting a side effect of eroding the human strength to perform any task.Thus it will be a question towards our existence in the future.Also, the machine-driven solutions can not ever complete the innovative solutions which are often the brainchild of human beings.A critical analysis reveals that extra dependency of machine learning will ultimately lead to something undesirable.

Judgments and analysis reveal that the emerging trends in the machine learning are promising in nature and they can bring a technological revolution in the upcoming decades but also a fine line of risk prevails in between the success story.Considering the small percentage of risks in the upcoming future days, we can focus more on the quality of the product and the development and accessibility of Artificial Intelligence on a worldwide basis.

Know all about Xbox Project Scorpio

What is Xbox Project Scorpio?

To compete with its most hardworking competitor Play-station 4 Pro, Microsoft has already designed its new brainchild Xbox Project Scorpio which is more than a modification in its every essence.The new project is under testing procedure as of now and its name is yet to be finalized but even the first glimpse of its arrival has created a huge buzz in the market and the news is spreading like wildfire.With the name Scorpio itself, it has been a new attraction everywhere.

What does it do?

Project Scorpio is completely one step ahead of its ancestor Xbox One in terms of power.The main power lies in the GPU which has to feature 40 custom compute cores clocked at the frequency of 1172MHz.This newly proposed Project’s CPU will be 30% more powerful that thew previous Xbox One and also the GPU will be 4.6 times stronger in comparison.It is reported that Project Scorpio will be accessible with 12GB of RAM although 4GB will be saved separately for the console.According to Microsoft’s description in E3, the console will play games at a 4K resolution which is really jaw-dropping and this new project has still a probability of running the Xbox One games but there is apparently no assurance of the quality.

Advantages and Disadvantages:

1)Exclusive games:
Users did have a lot of expectations in this arena, but Microsoft has disappointed them with no exclusive games.This is done to leave no version apart.

2)Why Buy?
Even if someone does not possess a 4K TV, they can buy Xbox Scorpio.If limited to 1080p, the games will run faster which makes the frame rates stable across the board.Also, there is an increment subsequently in the image quality than the games at HD full resolution.

Microsoft leaves us with anticipation with the most critical part of this.The tech department hasn’t yet announced the price of Xbox Scorpio.But considering the fact that PS4 Pro had the cost of 400$ it’s not very hard to guess the price of this new venture.The minimum price of Xbox Scorpio can be around 500$ but this is just an approximation.The price is the tricky part always decides the tenure of any kind of product.

4)Xbox Scorpio doesn’t use AMD’s Ryzen CPU:
It was not exactly a secret that AMD is the manufacturer of the Xbox brand, and certain research has revealed the fact that maybe AMD’s Ryzen CPU will be used as the brains of the project.Although a shocking revelation has made its way with the declaration that a custom AMD SoC will be used by Scorpio which offers eight x86 cores clocked at 2.3GHz.

Certain inquiries have revealed that Xbox Scorpio will be a 2017 holiday release, with at least six months time required to finally approve it in every possible manner.With the performance of its previous version, a lot of expectations have encircled the way of Xbox Scorpio and its release is the most anticipating moment for many people around the globe.With amazing new properties, presenting a fresh vibe, this project is surely gonna make its way through all the obstacles and become the big-talk forever.


Automation Everywhere

Need for Automation:

Back in the 18th century, the word ‘automatic’ had gained its place throughout people’s hearts.As the brain development slowly took place throughout the ages, people have tried to extract hacks to simplify their tasks.Execution of dreams into reality and finding the shortcuts to modify the goal has always been the primary goal of humans.

Why Automation Everywhere?

Pain relievers only respond to physical pains but they suddenly do not respond to pains related to work.Automation has always worked in that field to reduce stress and make work easier and interesting.Technically, Automation is a revolution which has engulfed the whole world, embracing minute fields such as farming, railways, restaurants, manufacturing business, packaging and delivery work etc.Premonition suggests the world very soon, where obesity will accompany every human being and work will be done by machine buddies.

Effects of Automation Everywhere

Striking developments have been made in unbelievable arenas, a few of which are discussed below:

  • Restaurants:

     Customers reporting against the lazy and impromptu waiters is history now.Food Organizations like McDonald have initiated a process in which an active tablet will take the inputs from the customers. Also, the Domino s Pizza is awaiting their days to get delivered by a robot delivery boy.

  • Law:

Artificial Intelligence has always acted as a gift to humankind and it has been able to solve problems like hectic case studies.Law field is soon to be enriched by Technology resulting in less empowerment of manpower.

  • Delivery and Packaging:

     Not always Big sized robots are required to perform the tasks.nowadays pint-sized robots are newly in fashion and are highly appreciated across the globe for their versatility.The only drawback of these being their inability to work in rough road conditions.Many big companies are merging together with a bond to create more useful robotic machines to deliver a heavy piece of work in every field.Although there have been major accidents due to technical mishap and it has created disasters as big as an aircraft crash.

  • Meat Processing:

In such an intricate business such as meat processing which involves even illegal immigration and job for cutting off costs, Automaton has slowly made its place and solidified its base.Few industries have reported manufacturing such machines with extreme crafty nature which can even feel the bones of the animal, a task which is most demanded in this business.The software programming and development has aided the Automation correspondingly at its every step.Creation of such machines was merely an imagination or luxury of the fellow meat processors which is actually been made true in the recent years.

  • Farms:

Farmers, dressed in their typical attires, going for work is now a flashback only.Nowadays farms are more developed and they can compete for any business as always.Machines have been developed which can differentiate between ripe and unripe fruit and accordingly pick the ripe fruits up.Tractor projections have been created to make the field grasses thinner and in shape.A Japanese company is planning to implement a device which will actually plant the seeds, water them regularly and also trim them when required.This plan of action is yet to be implemented and still under process and awaiting experimental success.

Technology has bestowed us with its precious gift Automation Everywhere, but the question arises: what are the cons? Consideration of side-effects is recommended always and as far detected, Automation only results in lazy attitude and over-dependency of humans upon machines and the increment in the chances of in-activeness.Until the time it doesn’t pose a direct threat, it can be considered and used, but maybe near future will witness machines responding to problems created by machines.


Moto 360 Camera Mod launched for Moto Z devices

Moto 360 Camera Mod launched for Moto Z devices

Recently taken over by Lenovo, Motorola launched the latest turnaround in its technological gadgets by launching a new 360-degree camera mod for its Moto Z devices. Launched in Ghana, West Africa, this Moto 360 camera mod is featuring two camera lenses built onto the top of its smartphone shell case. Just like the JBL SoundBoost Speaker or any other Mod launched by the company, it simply attaches to the rear of the phone handset with the help of a 16-pin connector. Afresh it was reported by a gadget reviewer, that amongst all of the Mods launched by Moto are work-in-progress, however, this 360 Camera Mod is closest to the completion.


No actual word on the specifications by the company. Through the event in Ghana, West Africa, we come to know that it is a 360-degree camera mod. Sitting on the top of a plastic back plate, is the actual camera attachment, attaching to a Moto Z phone like all other Moto Mods. It can capture 360degree images of surroundings, thanks to the camera mod’s two lenses that are positioned on either side. In whichever way one may see it, the new DSLR Mod introduced, enables its users to escalate camera accessories and not the least affix a lens as well. Not just this, providing professional experience, it comes with a shutter button and a light. Not to forget the Action Mod brings to its users a rotating camera to capture all kinds of videos be it adventurous ones or any kind video for GoPro loving users.


No any such update on issues like price or other details by the company so far.


This latest accessory was showcased to the general public at a press event in Ghana, West Africa. The Lenovo owned Moto company has left all other details such as specifications and prices in suspense. Thanks to a reporter from TechDroider, we came to know about the unveiling. It is even more unclear whether if it is a Ghana-exclusive product, what are the odds?

Partnering with DirecTV which is a completely US thing, it was seen as weird that the DirecTV Mod which allows streaming on the phone via an HDMI port, to be launched in Africa.

In conclusion, Moto 360-Camera Mod could be a step in the right direction. After Samsung, Essential and others, Motorola has now entered the 360- degree camera fray and more companies are likely to follow.