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The Emerging Trend of Machine Learning

What is Machine Learning?

Machine Learning relies upon that kind of data analysis which gathers its knowledge from previous models, trends, and patterns respectively.There is a close relationship between Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.Artificial Intelligence paves the way towards providing machines with human like intelligence, while Machine Learning is responsible for the development of technologies and computation systems which enable a machine to learn in such a way to achieve Artificial Intelligence.So in a nutshell, Artificial Intelligence may be compared to a discipline and Machine Learning may be compared to the sole person in charge to infuse that discipline into its subjects.

Industries and organizations have put a step ahead in their development with the aid of Machine Learning.Some remarkable examples are as follows:

  • lTwitter saw success in the form of customer feedback in businesses.
  • lThe self-driven Google car is a news in itself.
  • lFraud detection systems have been proved extremely helpful.
  • lAmazon or Netflix have become the primary recommendations within e-commerce sited.

Emerging Trends:

Search engines, speech analyzers, image recognizer are the primary applications which support machine learning.A very famous prediction states that there will be a new brand of smart applications, digital engines and mainstream application of Artificial Intelligence in the upcoming timeline.Machine Learning will gradually enter the zone of drones and self-driving cars and soon it will become more domain-exclusive and specific on its own.There will be an expected modification in the way the existing algorithms worked.

According to the recent reports, some experimental projects are still in the embryonic state and they will continue to increase throughout the upcoming years.

1)People-Literate Technology:

This product can actually convert voice or even text messages into retain-able intelligence and this will dominate personal communication in a huge ratio by the year 2020.It is assumed that by 2020, more than 40% of the population will use this technology rapidly.

2)The Brain-Computer Interface:

This technology promises to design and implement a unique brain for the computer which will be able to take important decisions.This product is still under construction and seeks popularity in the upcoming days.


This technology connects human beings with their respective digital workplaces and business fields.These front runners have proved to be extremely vital in their application and their demand will soon witness a surge in near future.

Machine Learning and its contradictions:

The efficiency of Machine Learning has always been posting a side effect of eroding the human strength to perform any task.Thus it will be a question towards our existence in the future.Also, the machine-driven solutions can not ever complete the innovative solutions which are often the brainchild of human beings.A critical analysis reveals that extra dependency of machine learning will ultimately lead to something undesirable.

Judgments and analysis reveal that the emerging trends in the machine learning are promising in nature and they can bring a technological revolution in the upcoming decades but also a fine line of risk prevails in between the success story.Considering the small percentage of risks in the upcoming future days, we can focus more on the quality of the product and the development and accessibility of Artificial Intelligence on a worldwide basis.

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