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OnePlus 5 punching above its weight

One plus ,started in the winter of 2013 with a simple, bold idea: make a better phone.
But, not just a better phone – a better way of doing things. A new kind of tech company that works hand in hand with users to do something amazing, something meaningful.

They believe ,that great products raise people’s living standards and spread happiness, we bring technology back to the community by building an open and collaborative platform.

We are dreamers who always reach for the most ambitious goals.
We are enthusiasts who love what we do.
Most importantly, we Never Settle.

OnePlus is still a start-up. It makes just one phone — but one flagship phone — every year. It operates through online retail stores and it’s only now that the company has started opening some offline stores, which it calls experience centres. It still doesn’t operate in as many markets as a company like Samsung or LG does.
Yet, if you see the hype around the OnePlus 5 and the long queues in front of the OnePlus stores, you can easily forget that this is just a three-year-old company that kicked off its journey . In fact, it would not be amiss to say that despite being one of the youngest phone companies around, with OnePlus 5 the OnePlus has managed to create the sort of hype that the phone industry usually sees around an Apple iPhone.

As the company launched the OnePlus 5, it has not only seen a frenzy of opinions and chatter around the device on internet but also a palpable excitement and anticipation among the more mainstream users. Ahead of the launch, many who wouldn’t care about any phone other than the iPhone, were quizzical about the OnePlus 5, largely also because of Amitabh Bachchan asking on TV “launch 22 ko hai na?“And then after the launch, there were people wondering how OnePlus can price a phone so talked about for Rs 32,990.

In many ways — and despite the fact that OnePlus 5 costs almost half of what the iPhone 7 Plus sells for — OnePlus is carefully following along the dotted lines set by Apple.

Just the way Apple did it in the initial years after the launch of the original iPhone in 2017, OnePlus is making only one phone a year. In 2015, the company tried two phone strategy when it launched the OnePlus X but quickly realised that was not the right way to go about it, at least not at that time. Since then, the company has stuck to one phone a year. Last year this phone was the OnePlus 3, which was then updated with a couple of new features in the form of OnePlus 3T. This year’s flagship phone from the company is OnePlus 3T.

Then, there is the company’s retail strategy. Although it relies on the online shopping, gradually it has started to build a network of retail stores that are completely exclusive to OnePlus and are company operated. These are actually experience centres where people can try out OnePlus devices before buying them, similar to how Apple allows its consumers to touch and feels its phones and laptops in Apple stores.

The reward for following a sorted product line and focussing on quality instead of quantity is possible the biggest reason why OnePlus is seeing fan queue outside its stores to take part in the pop-up events, touch and feel the OnePlus 5 and possibly buy it whenever there is the option for the same.

Don’t believe? See the queues.

In the last three years, if there is another company that can claim of creating a similar fan following then that is OnePlus. It doesn’t yet make OnePlus a 100-billion dollar company. It doesn’t mean it can sit on its laurels. In this industry, there is no time to catch breath or relax for a moment. But ask anyone in the industry, and they say that OnePlus has done well. It has created an identity for itself. More significantly, it has acquired millions of passionate fans around the world. Samsung sells many phones that you can call successful. Same is the case with LG, Sony, Lenovo and many others. But none of them have the kind of the passionate fans that OnePlus now has. And none of them have the kind of brand recognition and loyalty that OnePlus gets among these fans.

Never settle”

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