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Moto 360 Camera Mod launched for Moto Z devices

Moto 360 Camera Mod launched for Moto Z devices

Recently taken over by Lenovo, Motorola launched the latest turnaround in its technological gadgets by launching a new 360-degree camera mod for its Moto Z devices. Launched in Ghana, West Africa, this Moto 360 camera mod is featuring two camera lenses built onto the top of its smartphone shell case. Just like the JBL SoundBoost Speaker or any other Mod launched by the company, it simply attaches to the rear of the phone handset with the help of a 16-pin connector. Afresh it was reported by a gadget reviewer, that amongst all of the Mods launched by Moto are work-in-progress, however, this 360 Camera Mod is closest to the completion.


No actual word on the specifications by the company. Through the event in Ghana, West Africa, we come to know that it is a 360-degree camera mod. Sitting on the top of a plastic back plate, is the actual camera attachment, attaching to a Moto Z phone like all other Moto Mods. It can capture 360degree images of surroundings, thanks to the camera mod’s two lenses that are positioned on either side. In whichever way one may see it, the new DSLR Mod introduced, enables its users to escalate camera accessories and not the least affix a lens as well. Not just this, providing professional experience, it comes with a shutter button and a light. Not to forget the Action Mod brings to its users a rotating camera to capture all kinds of videos be it adventurous ones or any kind video for GoPro loving users.


No any such update on issues like price or other details by the company so far.


This latest accessory was showcased to the general public at a press event in Ghana, West Africa. The Lenovo owned Moto company has left all other details such as specifications and prices in suspense. Thanks to a reporter from TechDroider, we came to know about the unveiling. It is even more unclear whether if it is a Ghana-exclusive product, what are the odds?

Partnering with DirecTV which is a completely US thing, it was seen as weird that the DirecTV Mod which allows streaming on the phone via an HDMI port, to be launched in Africa.

In conclusion, Moto 360-Camera Mod could be a step in the right direction. After Samsung, Essential and others, Motorola has now entered the 360- degree camera fray and more companies are likely to follow.

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