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Humanised Big Data

What is Big Data?

With the onset of Augmented reality and virtual marketing, Big Data has started to rule over the marketing domain. Small and attractive chatbots or the recommending agents on a sales media are pretty common nowadays. Once an upon a time, it used to amuse the customers with standard choices but nowadays a question arises about their intelligence and while answering this question, their limitations are exposed generally. In order to fight back this sudden crisis, the companies have decided to invest enough capital into systems like Natural language processing and Natural language question answering in order to modify and make their systems more intelligent and user-friendly.

Humanized Big Data:

In order to go through this transition, the help of artificial intelligence has been taken. The goal is to decipher the mindset of the customer, his possible likes and dislikes and guide him accordingly. The technology promises that these systems will be so improved that the customer will be unable to distinguish whether his conversation is taking place with a machine or a human bring in a virtual manner, justifying the term ‘Turing Test’.

The analytic experts have revealed that along with talented Computer Science Engineers and Econometricians, complex and versatile models are designed whose job role is to determine the human tendencies and about the target audience and consumers respectively. It is difficult to determine the exact characteristics of a human being. So the models predict some actions which turn out to be baseless and they are again re-programmed to perform more logical thinking. Thus, the primary target of the data scientists is to analyze and make a human behavior as the generalization.

As it is believed, that the humans as homo economics prevail in the business world with their personal set of ideas, rational beliefs with the help of which they judge and determine the need for a product as well as its drawbacks. So in-spite the differentiation of various brands, it will be a foolishness to exclude one’s own chance of consumer satisfaction. There are a few steps which can b adapted by the companies not only to enhance their sales but also to enhance their operations. They are described as follows:


1)Proactive Information Management:

Considering the facts that human opinion is extremely important for any organization to grow, but also it can be tampered or manipulated which creates a false or useless report. Thus it is wiser to employ a digital employee who can take care of the duty of an adviser as well as a personal assistant. They can also act as reminders to point out important appointments as well.

2)Insight Engines:

The term ‘Insight Engines’ has been coined by the famous marketing research agency Gartner. The term refers to the dawn of an intelligent search engine which can provide external as well as internal insights about a particular topic and also provide the knowledge in a simple language. These engines can be used in inter-organizational communication as well as inter-departmental communication and knowledge distribution.

The development of Big Data is under transition and the data scientists, as well as the engineers, are working hard to eliminate a large number of flaws and make a system of ultimate help with the provision of a human point of view. A moment of appreciation and gratitude may be dedicated towards those hard working people to acknowledge their tiresome efforts to execute this difficult job.

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