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Google’s Android Wear watches

What are Google’s Android Wear watches?

Google has been the buddy for human beings since its origin. Recent years has been marked as the most successful years in which design of smart appliances has been acknowledged. Google’s Android Wear watches are the new version of smart watches which are multi-talented in its own nature. By pairing up with the mobile systems running under Android, Android Wear has created more useful devices and appliances which are technologically more advanced, also adding the extra benefit of downloading applications from Google store.

The supplementary utilities include Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and even 3G and LTE connectivity. After having an initial shaky background of customer reviews, the new version of the watches has really grabbed attention across the globe with their refined features. The attractions include easy handwriting recognition, fast as well as a compatible reply of messages and additionally Google Assistant right in it which avoids the necessity of the phone every time we need to access an application or the other.

Leveraging out of the partnerships with companies like Motorola, LG, Samsung, the first Google’s Android Wear watch was launched and LG G watch was the primary one to gain recognition in this newly developed arena which was followed by Motorola’s Moto 360.Within few months, with some up-gradations like a watch face API, a new version was launched based on Android 5.0.


The features are pretty simple to comprehend such as users can get notifications or instructions from their phones about the basic guide of these watches. There are primarily two types of screens: one which is always on feature and the other one which needs a tilt action to turn on the featuring mode.Such is the skillfulness of the device, it can be used well as a navigator while one is riding a bike. Watch gives necessary directions and while indicating the turns, it allows vibration which adds to the privilege of the system.

The user can also leverage out of the watch with the simple and important activities such as listening to music. With a simple command, the playlist will be featured on the screen, the volume can also be regulated with the help of the watch only by giving the right command on the play-control card.

This device is a gift for everyone, being easily accessible. People aiming to be athletes or the people with the mindset to maintain a healthy lifestyle have already considered using the product and have reviewed it as an excellent one. One can actually track his exercise or running throughout the day, including other features like counting of calorie. To indicate the heart performance, the user has to request and within a day, he or she can actually have a grip over their heart activity. Even for athletes, these devices can be programmed in such a way that their goal is specified and the watch keeps on updating the regular performances and the improvements on a daily basis.

Being a substitute of the phone:

These products can function as effective substitutes to smartphones.Notifications of the selected apps appear through the vibration mechanism, one can reply messages in Hangouts through voice message. If the phone camera is activated prior, then the user can enjoy the photos on the screen of the watch only. Apart from that it also initiates voice automated search engine. In a nutshell, the age where smartphones were the buddies of human beings are soon to get extinct as they are replaced by their adaptive competitors-Google’s Android wear watches.

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