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Glasses free 3D technology by MIT

Movies are the other names for entertainment as well as luxury nowadays and 3D effect adds a special spark to the movie by creating jaw-dropping expressions of the viewers. But the agents behind this pleasure are the goofy glasses which are responsible for this special effect. With the innovations, shortcuts have paved the way for more easier ways to everything.Shortcuts have also managed to get their nose amidst the field of 3D effects.

How is 3D effect free of glasses?

In the new paper provided by a team of MIT’s Computer Science Department and Artificial Intelligence Lab(CSAIL) and Israel’s Weizmann Institute of Science, it has been shown that the audiences can enjoy a 3D movie without wearing those 3D glasses.Although the product is not in the market right now and is undergoing testing and verification, the producers have provided the market with the assurance that these desired products will be soon launched and available for buying. According to reports, there will be no inclusion of special materials and the product idea includes the conversion of 3D movies from their stereo format to a certain format which is feasible for the auto-multiscopic displays which can be opted as a viewer’s choice.

These auto-multiscopic displays are not very famous with regards to television but the team of CSAIL has recommended this new project Home3D which is basically an algorithm which can run in a real time GPU such as Xbox One, Play-station 4 or the others. Thus the viewers can sit back in their own house and enjoy the effect of a 3D movie in a movie theater.

Featured of Home3D:

The special property of Home3D is that it facilitates the adjustment of depth effect according to the comfort zone of the viewers. The system combines the properties of phase based rendering and depth image based rendering techniques in such a method which does not really compromises with the resolution taking proper care of the image qualities and the 3D effects, the most relevant point is that the left eye and the right eye images are completely different from each other.

Home3D is also showing consistent properties about running chips embedded in TVs, Blu-Ray Players and even something which is similar to the Google Chromecast. This makes it easier for both the integrated solutions and also the aftermarket devices. This technology is gradually gaining rates to support its existence and the technology experts are trying to make changes followed by further modifications to support a 4K resolution.

Although there are reports specifying the fact that the demands for 2D resolution have been diminishing day by day which indicates the subsequent demand for higher resolutions. This gradually paves the way for innovations and development of higher levels of technology.


Transforming from the world of geeky nerds with 3D glasses, sitting in a movie theater to a world where one can enjoy the beauty of a 3D movie in his or her own accommodation is a huge step. The obvious demerits will be there which will lead to the drop in profit of the movie theater business. Thus before launching the product, the manufacturers should perform an analysis and decide accordingly.

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