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Automation Everywhere

Need for Automation:

Back in the 18th century, the word ‘automatic’ had gained its place throughout people’s hearts.As the brain development slowly took place throughout the ages, people have tried to extract hacks to simplify their tasks.Execution of dreams into reality and finding the shortcuts to modify the goal has always been the primary goal of humans.

Why Automation Everywhere?

Pain relievers only respond to physical pains but they suddenly do not respond to pains related to work.Automation has always worked in that field to reduce stress and make work easier and interesting.Technically, Automation is a revolution which has engulfed the whole world, embracing minute fields such as farming, railways, restaurants, manufacturing business, packaging and delivery work etc.Premonition suggests the world very soon, where obesity will accompany every human being and work will be done by machine buddies.

Effects of Automation Everywhere

Striking developments have been made in unbelievable arenas, a few of which are discussed below:

  • Restaurants:

     Customers reporting against the lazy and impromptu waiters is history now.Food Organizations like McDonald have initiated a process in which an active tablet will take the inputs from the customers. Also, the Domino s Pizza is awaiting their days to get delivered by a robot delivery boy.

  • Law:

Artificial Intelligence has always acted as a gift to humankind and it has been able to solve problems like hectic case studies.Law field is soon to be enriched by Technology resulting in less empowerment of manpower.

  • Delivery and Packaging:

     Not always Big sized robots are required to perform the tasks.nowadays pint-sized robots are newly in fashion and are highly appreciated across the globe for their versatility.The only drawback of these being their inability to work in rough road conditions.Many big companies are merging together with a bond to create more useful robotic machines to deliver a heavy piece of work in every field.Although there have been major accidents due to technical mishap and it has created disasters as big as an aircraft crash.

  • Meat Processing:

In such an intricate business such as meat processing which involves even illegal immigration and job for cutting off costs, Automaton has slowly made its place and solidified its base.Few industries have reported manufacturing such machines with extreme crafty nature which can even feel the bones of the animal, a task which is most demanded in this business.The software programming and development has aided the Automation correspondingly at its every step.Creation of such machines was merely an imagination or luxury of the fellow meat processors which is actually been made true in the recent years.

  • Farms:

Farmers, dressed in their typical attires, going for work is now a flashback only.Nowadays farms are more developed and they can compete for any business as always.Machines have been developed which can differentiate between ripe and unripe fruit and accordingly pick the ripe fruits up.Tractor projections have been created to make the field grasses thinner and in shape.A Japanese company is planning to implement a device which will actually plant the seeds, water them regularly and also trim them when required.This plan of action is yet to be implemented and still under process and awaiting experimental success.

Technology has bestowed us with its precious gift Automation Everywhere, but the question arises: what are the cons? Consideration of side-effects is recommended always and as far detected, Automation only results in lazy attitude and over-dependency of humans upon machines and the increment in the chances of in-activeness.Until the time it doesn’t pose a direct threat, it can be considered and used, but maybe near future will witness machines responding to problems created by machines.

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