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Things – before and after JIO’s launch!

It haven’t been a long time since Reliance JIO’s launch but it have bought a majority of changes in telecom sector. Before JIO’s arrival major companies were looting their customers but since the entry of JIO others have been experiencing a major decrement in their net profit, they’re even offering cheaper data, unlimited minutes to tackle the JIO effect but all in vain, since Indian customers know better.

Reliance JIO holds record of adding more than 50 million customers in just 83 days.

Things before JIO

  • Really expensive data packs – Normal users have to think twice before downloading on 3G/4G network due to excessive high cost.
  • No good offers – No major telecom operator gave good offers, they were all focused on their own profits rather than benefit of customer.
  • Missed calls – If you have lived long enough with major telecoms, you must have stumped upon various situations when people told to give them a missed call after doing their work or so.
  • Voice Calls – Voice calls always forms the major part of bill payment for most of the users.
  • Roaming Charges – Whenever a user leaves their home circle, they have incurs heavy roaming charges, for calling as well as data.
  • Passive Network – Most of network offers almost same services and nothing new being offered in market.

Things after JIO

  • Cheap data – Data charges have reduced dramatically, since the launch of JIO. Even other major players have started providing affordable data packs, while JIO is offering it’s customers data packs as low as 50 per GB.
  • Better offers – Since the launch, telecom providers are offering best offers ever to prevent customers from porting to JIO.
  • No missed calls – Since JIO is proving free voice calls, trend of missed call have been changing.
  • Free voice calling – JIO has started the trend of offering free unlimited voice calling and others are following their footsteps too.
  • No roaming charges – Most of the operators have removed roaming charges completely.
Since the arrival JIO, Customers are again the king with most to gain, while opertors who have been looting us since a long time are at loss. In the end, what matters most is the normal public is having a lot to gain in this war between telecom operators.

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