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10 things to avoid in a job interview

The job search can be a stressful process. However, our failure at a job interview can be demotivating. We usually look for a job that we not only love, but also challenges us and makes the best use of our strengths. Therefore, the way we present ourselves in an interview is a crucial part.

Certainly, there are some interview approaches that work. A few recruiters might like your approach, while others won’t. However, there are also methods which are not acceptable universally. Unfortunately, most of the job seekers often adapt some version of these methods while others do not.
Here are some approaches that are likely to hamper your prospects of getting the desired job. Don’t ever follow them :

1) Clueless –


Never ever show up unprepared/clueless for an interview. If you don’t know anything about the company you are interviewing for, it makes you sound indifferent. In this digital age, there is no excuse for attending an interview without knowing the company or the job profile well. Try to explore each and every detail about company’s business, customers and geographical presence.

2) Careless –

Whenever you attend an interview, make sure to dress in a way that is appropriate for the company you are interviewing for and in a way that makes you comfortable. Maintain basic hygiene. Being sloppy indicates the lack of respect for the interviewer, job, and the company. 

3) Showing up late –

Take precautions to avoid being late, choose your clothing the night before, if you can, go to the location where the interview is going to be performed, that way you will know for sure the address, if some unexpected thing happens like an emergency, call ahead.

4) Control –

Let your conversation be a dialogue rather than a monologue. Though you might have done your research about the position and the company, train yourself to be an active listener as well. Listen and understand the queries put forward by the interviewer, frame the answer in your mind and then reply. This is likely to fascinate the interviewer and help in boosting your credibility as a genuinely interested candidate. Don’t say too much or too few or even too much ‘I’ since some people just love to talk about themselves.

5) Fake –

Don’t fake it. Be respectful and honest with your interviewer(s), it won’t be hard for them to realize if you are lying or not, and in case you get hired, it will probably be the reason for you being fired.
Trust is an essential quality. Today, several companies conduct a background verification for the selected candidates. Ensure that you provide accurate details about your education, job profile and experience.

6) Freeze Up –

Several job seekers justify their failure by saying – “I’m terrible in interviews”. When it comes to writing a resume, they are pretty good. However, during an interview, they seem terrified while replying or making an eye contact with the recruiter.
If you can’t make it through an interview without mumbling, people are not likely to believe you to be able to withstand the rigors of a regular job. The best way to counteract this situation is to do mock interview sessions with yourself. Boost your confidence through regular practice, research the interview questions relevant to your field and prepare the answers beforehand.
During an interview, make sure you make eye contact with each interviewer, you are talking to human(s), so look politely to their eyes while you answer.

7) Criticise –

Never criticize your last employer(s), the interviewer probably will call them to be sure about your references, so avoid doing that, even if the interviewer seems to be a really comprehensive person.
No one wants to hire an individual who bad-mouths a previous employer. Even if you had some dreadful experiences in your previous job, resist the temptation to share any of that with your interviewer. Trust me, saying negative things about your past work life in an interview will only showcase you as a complaining employee.

8) Focus – 


Several job seekers lack clarity when it comes to their job expectations. Whenever an interviewer probes about your anticipations, make sure that you focus on the job profile and scope of growth rather than perks and benefits.

9) Opinion-Free –

Though it is highly apparent that employers look for candidates with a flexible approach, be careful not to sound too desperate during an interview. You shouldn’t blindly agree with everything that the recruiters say. Be confident enough to put forward your opinion assertively.

10) Ask no questions about the job –

Ask during your interviews, that will show your interest for the job and the company, and also the fact that you were listening carefully to the interviewer, of course, wait for the correct moment to do it, usually during the interview you will have a moment to ask.
While attending an interview, remember that you are selling your skills, so improve your skills and knowledge constantly. You need to come out as a highly knowledgeable person in terms of work as well as industry networking. These are the best tactics that can help you convince the interviewers that you are perfect for that job. Make sure not to follow any of these if you wish to succeed in your career graph.

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