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Plonk – The parking hack

“Cars cars everywhere no place to park”

Pretty much sums up the story of every big city of India. As traffic of a growing city increases traffic comes the problem of parking raises its ugly head with it. Most of the time car owners find themselves driving around in unending circles before they can find a spot and when you do find one on the street, there’s the constant fear of the tow-truck
Case in point Bangalore – the city known to outsiders as IT hub of India. The residents could well call it the traffic hub of India. Add poor planning to it you have a heavy case of parking shortage. For a scale reference n 2015, Bangalore’s traffic police booked over 2.1 million parking violations, including over 600,000 cases against car drivers and over 700,000 cases against two-wheeler riders primarily on the arterial roads of the city.
There comes the knight in shining armour named “Plonk”. It helps people on both sides, demand and supply. While users have real time availability of parking lots, individual houses, empty plots, apartment parking apart from usual spaces like parking lots and malls you are welcome to earn easy bucks by letting people use the otherwise empty unutilized space.
The app is quite easy to use in three simple steps
1.    Choose a parking slot available near your location, if you have an empty slot you can choose to list it as available


2.    Scan QR code at entrance of parking to start the parking meter


3.    Add the vehicle you are driving and choose at your convenience between cash and Paytm wallet

Plonk gets into agreements with the owners on the space, how many slots are available, and for what duration. And because of their feet-on-the-street approach, the latitude-longitude coordinates of the spot are pinned right on the Plonk map. If a supplier no longer wants to rent out her extra space, Plonk takes it off the system immediately.
The real time monitoring of parking space ensures you always get the right parking space right when you need it

The app has a very nice and simple UI makes it easy to use for all.

While we cannot expect the Bangalore cluttering problem to be solved at once but I sure hope Plonk can help demolish the problem brick by brick.

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