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Lenovo – A bad experience with MNC that don’t care about customers.

Most of you guys might have heard about Lenovo? One of the MNC from China in consumer electronics segment which generally deals in Laptops , Mobile Phones and Tablets , generally know for providing good performance at affordable price but bad service and not so good built quality. Being a Lenovo user , I’ve suffered from their bad service various times and had suffered various losses due to their poor service.
I purchased Lenovo G505S(Serial Number – CB24152260) in August , 2014 with 1-year (Onsite + Accidental Damage Protection+ Next Business day response) warranty and started having issues with my laptop ever since. Sometimes my audio jack stopped working , other times screen started going black , while other times lower panel of my laptop came out of no-where but all those things were sorted out in almost a week of complaint. So I decided to extend my (Onsite + Accidental Damage Protection) Warranty for 2 more years and paid for it. Then came the worst , my laptop screens backlit stopped working and I lodged a complaint on 2nd February 2016 with Service Order – 8006490786 and Order Number – 7007173832 and I was kept waiting for almost a month without any update and without even reply to the various mails , I sent them and keeping my numerous calls on hold without giving me a proper reason and repeatedly saying that ‘We have forwarded the issue to Concerned department’ but no resolution was done. Then one day they called me and told me that Part is not available in India and have to import it from China and it would take some it. Hence closing my request on 4th March , 2016. (My Laptop wasn’t repaired yet).
On 11th March , my laptop was picked up by Lenovo’s engineer , saying that they’ll diagnose my laptop at service centre properly and found that even my cooling fan wasn’t working correctly and hence lodging a complaint for Screen and fan on 16th March 2016 with Service Order – 8006758663 and Order Number – 7007251109 . On 23rd March I received call from LenCare department saying that part have been shipped and your laptop will be repaired in 2-3 working days and Lenovo delivered part at wrong service centre on 28th March.  (Laptop still not repaired)
On 29th March , once again a complaint was launched for the same issue with Order Number – 7007270609 and again received a call from a guy claiming that he’s from escalation desk and my laptop will be repaired soon till April 14th or 15th and hence I received my laptop on 18th April.
Hence my laptop was repaired after almost 76 days of launching the complaint , for a small issue of replacing a screen , that could not have taken more than a day or two. If Lenovo would have taken it’s consumers seriously. After I lost count of calls and emails , I sent them but finally my laptop was repaired. I endured various losses but finally Lenovo is offering me warranty for 3 months.

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