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Lenovo is giving away personal information with just your Service Order Number.


Lenovo is one of the biggest MNC in the field of consumer electronics such as laptops , mobile phones and tablets. It is one of the most popular brand in India recognised for its good performance at an affordable price but bad service and not so good built quality. Being a Lenovo user I have suffered a few times with their poor service but never had any complaint with the performance of their device.

Now let’s talk about how Lenovo is reluctantly giving away your personal information to everyone without thinking that it can be misused on a large scale? Should we just let it go , in the era where knowledge is power? Or should we take some action and ask Lenovo to do something or at least hide the personal details.

Lenovo Support Site
Lenovo already hides sensitive personal information when we access Service Order status via its support website but that isn’t the case with their app.
If you’re a Lenovo user you might have got various emails as well as SMS asking to install LenCare App from Lenovo and you might be pretty familiar with it. But have you ever tried checking your Service Order Status via LenCare app?
1)      If no , then please try it.
2)      If yes , then you might have encountered something really unexpected , your personal information including Name , Contact Number and laptop Serial number are available completely not just partially.


*Some info in ScreenShot is hidden by me due to privacy issues. Everything was revealed by Lenovo.

I believe this is enough information for us to call Lenovo customer care and make them believe that I’m owner of laptop talking. They never asked me anything other then these details when I contacted them for any issues. You might be able to extract all the details like address and email , from their executive who still thinks that you’re just confirming their details.

If big brands like Lenovo does things like revealing our personal data with such ease, how can we trust them with our data?

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