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Well..If you don’t feel like going to gym and burning your calories then I must say “wake up right now”. I agree that sometimes its really hard to bear the pain of workout, but trust me the reward from the pain is eternal.

I can understand that we all need some motivation to push our morale and to try something new, but keeping that spirit alive is also a big challenge. Most of us join gym but never take it seriously, So this is the time guys when we have to think about ourselves.

Here I am about to outline some of the benefits of going to gym:

1. Feel better about yourself and have a good body– 

People like fit and healthy. We like to be around sexy people.We feel more happy and confident with them. This makes our life more energetic when people find us attractive. We feel good about ourselves.
So don’t think about the pain of workout, just remember your sexy abs and toned body, don’t give up because the rewards really worth this pain.

2. A great way to relieve stress- 

Going to gym is a kind of stress, getting the time from our busy schedule, putting up the gym clothes, then probably a long journey by car or bus after that the pain of workout. Definitely our brain take it as stress. It is like fighting with an enemy. when our heart pressure increases, to protect ourselves  and our brain  we release a protein called BDNF. That’s why after exercising we feel relaxed and happy.  So don’t wait, As gym is the best place to release stress of our fast life. 

3. Improve abilities- 

Exercising  improves our stamina and build more muscles. which makes our routine work very easy. It improves our working ability. It boosts our brain power, sharpens memory and prevent cognitive decline. 

6. Try your clothes on

If the money you’ve already spent doesn’t motivate you, then take some photos of you trying to wear the tight clothes and stick them where you’ll see them as visual reminders of what needs to happen. This will motivate you to go to the gym. The workout at gym can help you to get the figure you’d be proud of. But choose a size that is healthy and suitable for your age and body type. 

7. Sweat together stay together

If you go to gym with your friends it definitely gonna be more fun. It’s twice the motivation to get there and to keep going. Perhaps schedule in a post-workout coffee and chat to increase the enjoyment of the visit. Ask your spouse, lover, friend to join you for gym, give them friendly competition by seeing who can drop the weight faster. 

  1. 8. Works on your overall health: Going to gym works on overall health… It makes you physically, emotionally and mentally strong. you’re feeling down, stressed or anxious, get off the couch and get some exercise instead.

9. Switch up the workout :

If you feel bored with a fix  routine of workout or your goals are changed then you can switch up the workout  to keep yourself motivated. Also finding an exercise routine that you like doing and are able to do may take a lot of time and dedication. so switch up your workout whenever you like. 

10. Be healthy, live happily:

Workout helps you to enjoy more balance, have more energy and feel better as it releases happy chemicals in your brain. It can help you to have more positive mood and confident personality. So exercise to be healthy and happy. 


So guys, wake  up and start your workout to be healthy and fit. 


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