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Education is necessary for all of us to survive in this competitive world. It really matters from where and from which university we are getting it. Have you ever heard a parent saying that I studied from Delhi university so my daughter is going to study from there? or I was able to find a decent job after my graduation from IIT so let my son also pursue the same from there. 

Education = Future

Yes, every time a discussion on “Kya Socha” about kid comes and this conversation comes up. I feel such decision by parents are like asking people their kids to use Siemens phone (that big one with antenna) in the time of smartphones.

But just think…. Is is relevant? can the colleges our parents graduated from before 30 years fulfil the need of the current corporate world.
 Here are some reasons why you should never inherit college education from your parents.

1. Today, opportunity scenario is changing in this digital world. Requirements of corporates and society are changing. Soft skills matter much more than the subject expertise. It is the 21st century and can’t be compared with 80’s and 90’s.

2.  In this time, it is important that we should not limit our children imagination and aspirations with our limited 80’s-90’s experience in the world of 2016. now is the time of project-based learning and live learning. 

3. Nowadays, foreign languages and learning global culture is must for achieving success in career and great heights in life. which was not the part of college curriculum in parents’ time. 

4. It is a time when you parents should  #thinkBIG and guide children too. They should think about top courses, colleges and universities. 

5. The colleges in 80’s 90’s can’t develop our skills to face the competition of 21st century’s dedication and passion demanding corporate world. So, think thrice before opting any college as it is not about college it is about your life, values, success and glory. 

That is why we want that look at opportunities  that are provided in universities like LPU which they have showcased through this unique video as well.

Also one learning from the video is that your present decision will impact your future so when you anyways have to think then why not  think BIG……
Our future is the result of our present. As you sow so you reap. So, #thinkBIG to light up your future. 

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