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I must say, Teaching is most dedication demanding profession. If you ask a student, the reason behind his success, he will not mention the name of any books, but yes, he will definitely mention the name of one of his teacher for always encouraging, motivating and supporting him.

How can a teacher become successful? Is a teacher able to reach all of his pupils? The points which I am going to discuss now will definitely give you an idea about it.

1. Successful teacher have clear objectives and a sense of purpose:  

 A good teacher always have certain plans rather than focusing on syllabus just.  When she invest her time in designing curriculum , activities and projects she focuses on the purpose of doing. Having clear objectives provides her a framework to organize the things. Teacher with a sense of purpose is able to see the big pictures, which enhance her creativity.

2. Successful teacher listens her students carefully:

A child loves the teacher who treats him as special. A teacher who gives chance to speak and who listens carefully is able to understand more about her pupils. A teacher who never listens will definitely fail as students are not connected with her.
A teacher must know when to listen her students if she found them wrong then she have to help her pupils to move to right path.

3. Successful teacher has a good sense of humour with positive attitude:

Students loves a teacher who always enters in the classroom with a big smile on her face. It spreads positive energy in the classroom. Positivity breeds creativity. She plans her lesson in all positive way to explore maximum talent of her pupils. She has a good sense of humour, knows how to keep 
students engaged in creativity. She has a positive attitude towards all the classroom situations. 

4. Successful teacher uses praise authentically:

Yes, a teacher should always praise her students to boost their confidence. A confident child always tries to give his 100%. But a successful teacher use praise authentically, because the praise she offers is valuable. Students need encouragement yes, but real encouragement. It does no good to praise their work when you know it is only 50% of what they are capable of. 

5. Successful teacher communicates with parents:

A teacher and parents both should work together for the growth and development of a child. They both must feel free to take help from each other. If both together provide support to the child then there is no chance of child’s failure. A successful teacher keep record of students’ activities and communicate it with parents and ask parents to do the same.

6. Successful teacher understands the needs of her student:

A good teacher understands the dynamic needs of the classroom environment.  Depending on the day, she might have to change up her plans, teaching methods to accommodate her students. Her vision and activities must be child-centred. She must be able to develop learning environment in the classroom by understanding the real need of the child. 

7. Successful teacher takes time to explore new tools:

Successful teacher always tries to explore new tools to make teaching-learning more interesting and fruitful. She welcomes change in the classroom with advanced technology. She may feel afraid once,but she will understand that in this current climate, her students will be growing up in a world where technology is everywhere. So she will always try to  use and learn new technology in her classroom.

8. Successful teacher gives emotional support to her students:

Most of the time, a teacher needs to give emotional support to her students rather than just a piece of information. A child who is emotionally connected with the teacher listens more to her words and obeys her. She understands her responsibilities towards overall development of a child. She is never too serious, some days, fun is also her goal. 

9. Successful teacher is always a good learner:

Successful teacher is always a good learner, she keeps herself update about her subject. This helps her to understand the need of students, as she also plays the role of student throughout her life. She is always curious to learn and never stops learning. 

10. Successful teacher are reflective and they enjoy their work:

Successful teachers always take time to reflect on their methods and delivery. They always enjoy their work and tries to find out their weakness and works on it  . 

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