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For most of the parents it is sometimes difficult to understand the mental health of a child, or some of the parents judge their child on the basis of his grades.

 I have seen when both the parents are working, they get very less time to spend with their child….sometimes the child faces problems with the peer group because of this irrelevant grades scoring competitions………. 

Many of such cases motivated me to write about this current topic. 

Well… I think most of you will agree with me that mental health is more important than grades. It is needed to observe a child’s mental health time to time to provide him healthy and developing environment. 

Here are some points which will definitely provoke you to think thrice before talking  about grades and just grades.

You have to score to compete with this world: 

1. Desire of scoring good grades creates extra burden…… which results in poor mental health.
2. What If, I don’t score good marks……child feels scared.
3. His focus is quantity instead of quality.
4. stress can make him sick.
5. It affects his health, relations and self-confidence.

My Child, always be happy and give your 100% in whatever you do:
1. He will follow his heart.
2, He will feel satisfied.
3. It will improve his mental, emotional, social health.
4. He will become a good human being, who understands others’ emotions, enjoys the happy and healthy life.  
5. It will develop his confidence, spirit of work and enthusiasm. 

So, if  a child is mentally healthy, he can know his own potential, he can easily compete with the future challenges, and  can work fruitfully for the community and the nation.

 How to improve child’s mental health and intellect:

1. Interact with the child and try to understand his interests and strengths. It will improve his communication skills as well.
2. Never use words like stress, depression in your conversation.
3. Always speak positively.
4. Motivate him to read more, as books are best companion, make him believe that reading is fun.
5. Play with your child. plan some outings.
6. Let him learn in his own way… be a guider instead of  being controller. 
7. Try to improve his imagination and problem solving skills. 
8. Give him small day to day challenges to boost his confidence, appreciate his efforts.
9. Give equal importance to sports and other activities.
10. Be a role model for him.

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