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Talvar – Most Controversial Case reopens!

The Arushi-Hemraj murder case or the 2008 Noida double murder case  has been in news for last 7 years for all the wrong reasons. Now it is back with Director Meghna gulzar trying to show us the three contradictory narratives showing the parents as guilty or innocent under different circumstances. The film premiered at the Toronto Film Festival 2015 to a hall full of viewers, as expected it was sold out quite early and people could not get seats even when they wanted to.
“Talvar is a remarkable achievement that works on a number of levels, both as a contemporary Indian movie in contrast with the mainstream market and as an experimental effort designed to question long-held assumptions of superiority and safety. Far from a traditional police procedural thriller, Talvar turns most of those conventions on their heads, along with the traditional Bollywood reverence for the police. In addition to that, there is also the splintered storyline, multiple points of view, and stellar performances to consider. All the way around, it’s an unusual and welcome addition to the Indian independent film world.”
The movie is a change from normal supercop routine like Dabang and Singham. Talvar shows us the biggest contradiction in the system that while people talk of big game of removing corruption but more often than not honest hardworking policemen are ridiculed and forces aside. While the higher police officers get away with promotions for closing the cases it’s the public which has to take the brunt of their acts. Also their belligerence in defending their incompetence knows no limit.
This is a movie which will give you a bang for your buck ,Irrfan Khan with is trademark exceptional acting and meticulous direction. The old adage that truth is stranger than fiction proves itself true again with Talvar, as the most shocking and unpredictable twists are torn directly from the case’s history. 
My family is eagerly waiting for the movie to be released on 2nd October, and I think yours should be too. If you can’t wait to get a taste 
Here is a trailer to the trailblazer of Indian Cinema

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