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If we think about our childhood, I think, most of us think about lack of resources, guidance and a developing environment.  At the same time, we still remember some motivational words by our teachers, parents and relatives who helped us to achieve certain heights in our life.

We all have some passion, maybe we are working on it or we want to work on it…. but we all have some passion at different stages of our life. What we seek is exactly seeking us.
We should provide all facilities to our children where they can experiment on different activities for their overall development.

Here are some points which can help our kids in finding their passion and inner peace.
1.     Make them free to learn whatever they want
According to me, at primary and middle school, a child should be given a chance to learn all types of activities like dance, drama, playing a musical instrument, art and craft, debates, gymnastic etc. to develop his interest and find out his passion.

2.    Join different classes with them
As a parent, we should also join different classes with them. As they feel more comfortable with us. When their interest is developed and they enjoy the activity and their trainer, they won’t need you further.

3.    Take them together for different fitness activities
To develop interest, find the passion and inner peace, a healthy body and healthy mind is must. If he/she is not fit then definitely he/she will not be able to learn and enjoy.

4.   Tell them about your passion
Yes.. Undoubtedly, we are the first teacher and role model for them, they definitely want to be like mommy and dad. So, tell them about your passion, motivate them to do something in their life, start his/her journey from the home only, show them how your passion helps you to attain inner peace.

5.    Observe the changes in their behaviour
When a child is taking some classes, you can observe from his behaviour whether he is enjoying the class or not. Ask him about his new trainer, lessons, peer group and his near future plans. This will really help you to find his passion.

6.   Help them to quit
It is not always necessary that the child would enjoy the class and activity. So please don’t force him/her to go to the class. It will create burden on his mind and you will get its negative impacts on his/her personality. Let him enjoy the life in his own style.

7.    Understand the fact that we all are different
We all are different; we all have different interest, views and thoughts. We should respect our dissimilarities. If I am a doctor doesn’t mean my son or daughter will be a doctor in future. So accept your child as he/she is. What your responsibility is just to provide a healthy and developing environment to him.  Let him/her learn independently.

8.   Your words can have magical influence on them
Always select your words carefully in front of the children. Never use negative statements which can demotivate them. If they are facing some problem in learning something then just help them politely, motivate them to put some more efforts, never say no to them.

9.   Counsel them if needed
Sometimes, the child faces problem with peer group, trainer or may be distracted, so here you should play the role of counsellor for him/her. He /she again will feel enthusiastic and passionate. This will help him to find inner peace.

10.    Take help from trainer
If you feel there is some problem then never hesitate in taking help from the trainer, may be your child needs personal attention.

11.Prepare a complete development chart
Yes.. prepare a complete record of the child’s development. Because in the activity, he is passionate about, his growth will be very fast, so it will help you to compare among different activities.  

12.  Nurture their passion, as your own
As our body needs food, talent needs to be nurtured. If your child likes dancing, then provide him healthy environment to learn different folk dances as well. Because this is the talent, the passion….which will be with him always and everywhere, which will help him/her to release all the worries and stress in future, when you will not be with him.

He/she  will always thank you for loving him/her as the way he/she is.  


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