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India, the land of Gurukuls, where discipline is the first step in teaching learning process. Now has adopted many new methodologies in its schools and colleges. The Cultural exchange programmes are one of them. These are the programmes where teachers, students and parents from different cultures and countries come together to learn from each other.

 1Attention-grabbing Teaching Learning Process:
With modern education system, including smart classes, group discussions, Project based learning, I seriously can’t think about lecture methods. The cultural exchange programme motivates the students, it generates a desire of getting recognition all over the world. Their work is shared on different social networking sites like connecting classrooms, epals etc.

2.To make students global citizens by teaching cross-culture skills:
When students learn about different religions, cultures, languages, eating habits etc . It develops feelings of brotherhood and belonging in them. The Culture exchange programme provides them a platform to experience the life of people living in different countries. They become aware about how the world works.

3.Tie up among different universities to provide career opportunities for students:
Now days, higher education from abroad is common. The universities from different countries conduct workshops for students in India. Not just colleges even schools at Delhi arrange such seminars for senior secondary students.
    4. Makes you more comfortable in foreign environment:
Well.. when after your college, you want to work, you won’t feel afraid of going to Europe, USA, gulf or anywhere. Because you are familiar with different cultures and environment and not just this, your job application will get preference as well, because of your personal flexibility and adaptive nature.

   5. Visit foreign countries as guest, when none of your relative is settled there:

      Wow.. I mean. .isn’t it amazing that you are given chance to learn at foreign schools and colleges and after school hours you can enjoy the life style of hosting family, just go to discos, have party.. enjoy their just thinking about it makes me feel so good. Work hard and party harder….


If you get chance to visit abroad at school or college level, you should definitely grab this opportunity. 

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