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Well… I think most of us can connect ourselves with this image . In our life it has happened at least once when we feel blank in front of our audience. Whether it is our School, college, office.. our success depends on the art of  Public Speaking and the most common fear of  people is Public Speaking… So here are some suggestions that will definitely help you to overcome  the fear of  the audience.
1. Either you are Student or Boss, you need to do Homework:
True.. Everyone needs to do homework before a presentation. You must

  • make your objective clear
  • plan your points to speak, in advance, better if you make some PPT or write them on a paper.
  • think the questions in advance, which your audience can ask you. 
  • plan the satisfactory answers to the questions.

2. Trust yourself, be confident as first impression works like magic:

So friends… If I talk about a clean shaved man with warm smile, formal dress and attractive personality, you all will definitely be interested in knowing more about him by listening his speech and views. 
So you should dress yourself  according to the interest of the audience you are going to target. And just speak your mind confidently, as your body language and postures speak more than your words.  

3. Interaction links you with the audience:
Just think about those boring lectures at college where only lecturer speaks… ufff…completely boring. So to make your session interesting and more effective.. Use effective voice and involve your audience in the discussion by giving them some activities etc. The tone of the discussion should be in the form of dialogue . Use the words (we, us, our) to enhance the feelings of belonging.  If audience is yours they will definitely like you. 

4. Be Polite, while question/ answer session:
This is the session where all your skills are tested, listen your audience  carefully, understand their need and then reply them politely, In case if you need some time to give answer of any question or you don’t know the answer… then just  answer them like all people in  one company’s HR department  do…. “This is not the right time to disclose everything, wait for the right time, We will do our best for your benefits.” I am sure the people working in some companies can relate themselves with this example. But seriously this trick never fails…

5. Always conclude your words and take feedback:
A few effective words can work better than 100 words, so my suggestion is always conclude your words at the end, which includes all the objectives, suggestions and action plans. It will be good if you take written feedback from the audience about your session. It will help you to judge your performance and improve for future.

Concluding words:

Just be yourself and present yourself confidently. 

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