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Tips To Tighten Android Security!

Now a days our smartphone is the portal our online identity and should be protected from any misuse either online (hacked) or offline (stolen). If you’re not careful losing your phone means much more than losing your phone , it’ll include your personal stuff , mails , bank account details and other sensitive details.
Your entire information is traceable and downloadable. If not handled carefully may be shared all over the net.

Keeping your property safe basically comes down to common sense. So it’s your choice to be fool or genius.

Here are few tips to boost the security of your smartphone and it’s content :

1) Use built in security 

There are many types of built in security available in android and even setting them up is quite easy. You can set up pin , password , pattern , face unlock or other security features available . For most Android devices visit Location and security settings or just security settings of your device.

2) Avoid saving passwords

Most people tends to save all their passwords in their device but have you ever thought what would happen if you device gets in hands of another person? Think about it.

3) Download apps from trusted sources

Wanna download a new game or an app? Download it from Google Playstore or Amazon appstore or some other trustworthy source. Don’t forget to read all the permissions it require to run , since all apps even on playstore are not safe.

4) Backup your data

In this modern era of smartphones , backup is an important soldier. If you lost your phone , last thing you wanna do is remote wipe but that is your only choice but in that case you’ll lose all your contacts , images , videos , messages etc but if you have backup of your important data , you can restore each bit of data in it’s original form.

5) Keep you OS and apps updated

Basically companies offers updates to fix bugs , improve security and performance as well as add new features. Therefore we should keep our device up to date.

“Android is a modern mobile platform which must offer  an application environment that ensures the security of users, data, applications, the device, and the network.”

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