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Airtel 4G – The Fastest Network Ever!

“…We have now built  India’s first commercial 4G network that will make high speed mobile broadband a reality. The national roll-out today is another small step in our journey. ”, said Gopal Vittal Bharti, MD & CEO Airtel (India & South Asia), announcing the launch of much awaited and anticipated generation of mobile communications technology. Successful public test runs have been conducted of the service in select towns with the first 4G network deployed in Kolkata in 2012.

Airtel will be rolling services through 4G-enabled mobile phones, internet dongles and Wi-Fi routers. Offering 4G data at price of 3G prices as low as Rs 25 and cool offer of 6 months subscription of wynk Airtel is surely trying to woo a huge segment of customers.

The new range of ‘Infinity Plans’ starting at Rs 999 will offer unlimited voice calls on mobile along with data benefits and access to Airtel’s movies and music services.

Flexpage, an automated platform that allows customers to track their data usage and get real time usage alerts, upgrade their mobile plan on the go, as and on exhausting their monthly data quota. Customers can also opt from amongst a host of 4G smart bytes starting at Rs 100.

Here is the video released by Airtel to let you know about the confidence they have in the speed of their network 

I’m very exited with the prospect of super high speed in India and Airtel’s challenge of giving free lifetime mobile services on finding a faster network further induces hope of Good speed to bandwith starved internet users like me. Downloading a full movie in 3 minutes looked like a far fetched dream in past and now I am looking forward to not waiting just cruising.
Looks like gone are those days when I needed my college LAN to play seamless DOTA or other MMGs or to stream HD content. 

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