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Reasons to own a SMARTPHONE!

Need to buy a phone , why not it be a SMARTPHONE . So in this post I’m gonna share reasons to buy a smartphone.
  • GPS Navigation : “Always on the road , without exact directions” One of the biggest win of smartphone over basic phone is it’s access to navigation app. Many Smartphones come with interactive Global Positioning System (GPS) which not only gives you directions , but show you what’s nearby. And using a voice navigation guide can be much more economical than buying a separate GPS system for vehicle.
  • Connectivity : Smartphones comes with various connectivity and messaging apps , such as Whatsapp , Line , Wechat , etc which don’t need a high end wifi to work but can also work on 2G net. Unlike basic phones you can keep unlimited conversations and can even backup important once.
  • Tons of APPS : There are million of apps that can be downloaded straight to your Smartphone , the app world seems limitless.
  • Camera : Smartphones are slowly replacing basic gadget such as camera , watches , alarm clocks ,etc. Though smartphone can’t match professional SLR or DSLR quality ( except camera phones) but can definately clicks as good as your Point and Shoot cameras. So why carry separate camera when you have a smartphone.
  • Front Camera : Another important feature of a smartphone is it’s front camera , most of smartphones comes with front cam to help click selfie or a couple photo.
  • Weather Updates : Away from home , need to plan a trip but unsure of weather. Smartphones comes preembaded with weather app to provide you with weather updates.
  • Entertainment on the go : Smartphones comes with amazing HD screen and even surround sound. So that you can enjoy movies and music to the fullest.
  • Office work : Smartphone comes with effiency to do basic office work with ease , so next time you are on move and need to do office work don’t worry you have your smartphone.
  • Anti-Theft : Most smartphone manufacturers now add a layer of security for their customers by adding anti-theft softwares  , if next time you lose your phone don’t worry just log in through your computer and find exact location of your device.
  • Sync : Using your smartphone you can even sync you files to you Cloud account and can even access when your phone ain’t with you.
  • Internet : Most important feature of smartphone is that it remains connected to internet 24*7  and can help us to get real time updates , weather it’s your E-mail or Facebook account or any other Social Networking account.
So its BEST to have a SMARTPHONE that can make you really smart.

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