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How to find user of unknown number!

In this era of FRAUD CALLER’s Truecaller has been proved as a boon. If you are reading this post , you might have got a call from unknown number and you hesitate to ask the owner by calling him/her directly. So I’m gonna share ‘How to find user of unknown number’.

Ain’t it cool to know who is troubling you without their knowing it. So we are gonna use an app called ‘Truecaller‘. Truecaller uses mobile directory to find number as well as name. Not only it finds number but also offers various features such as 
1) Number lookup (Searching for any number becomes easy with Truecaller. Simply access the Truecaller app “Search” option and type in or copy the number you are searching for. Looking up numbers is a free service.)
2) Name lookup (Users will be notified each time someone requests their number, and has the option to approve each request that comes through. This ensures that no contact details can be shared without prior approval of the person being contacted.)
3) Call filter (Never pick up an unwanted call again. Your personal blocked list and ‘Identified By Truecaller’ national spam list are here to protect you. Unwanted numbers can be marked as spam and added to the national spam list to help millions of other users.)
4) Profile (Your Truecaller profile is the window to the world. We let you be in charge of your own information and let you design your profile for how you want to be seen and contacted.)
5) People (Access a list of users you may know through our social circle recommendations. This means you may know these users based on your own connections with other users whom you have in common.)
6) Sync (There are two ways of enriching your contact list. One is syncing with social networks, and the other is updating your phonebook with the latest information from the Truecaller database.)
How to use Truecaller?
  • If you own an Iphone , android , window , blackberry or symbain phone just download their app from their respective stores , regester your phone number and get started.
  • If you don’t own any of these smartphone you don’t  need to worry just go to Truecaller’s site and enter unknown number.

Just sign in through your twitter/facebook/google/yahoo account and get full info.
TRUECALLER determine 90% phone number’s accurately.
Go to Truecaller.
“Truecaller is really necessary in this age of fraud callers.”

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